Yeah! Goin' to New York!

I got into the Bust Holiday Craftular! It is going to be Dec. 8th up in Manhattan! I am going to have to make SOOOO much work for this. It is going to be absolutely amazing and HUGE. Apparently they are having around 300 vendors this year. I'll see you in New York!

AVAM - Finally!

Kasimir and I went to the American Visionary Art Museum FOR THE FIRST TIME last Friday. This is utterly shameful. We've lived in Baltimore for years and never gotten around to going. I admit I expected it to be neat, but that's about it, but the museum totally rocked me. The work that is there is so moving and personal, you are almost peaking into someones soul. I loved it.

The have a special exhibition going on now called All Faiths Beautiful which shows work that explores people ideas, hopes, and relationships with whatever god they worship. Part of this exhibition includes hundreds of postcards from Postsecret. I consider this the most moving part of the exhibition - you are literally reading people's secrets. I'll admit some of them made me cry.


This piece, called "Devotion" was one of my Senior Project Thesis pieces. I recently had to bring the image out for an event at school and I had forgotten how lovely it was. Most of that is probably due to my lovely model Sanghee... I miss you Sanghee!


Yeh! Heap!

I found out yesterday that I was accepted to the Charm City Craft Mafia's Holiday Heap. It is taking place Dec. 1st in the BEAUTIFUL St. John's Church in Charles Village (Baltimore). The last show was amazing, so I can only expect this one to be even better. Here is their site for more information and an eventual vendor list.

vinyl, vinyl, vinyl

So , apparently, right now I am obsessed with putting vinyl decals on EVERYTHING. Here are a few that I'm not sure if I can live without.

Jellyfish Toilet Vinyl Graphic by Vital

Vinyl Laptop Decal by thosmhicks

Hedgerow Wall Graphic by ellynelly

This whole vinyl trend takes me right back to 3rd grade when I decided to decorate my entire room with stickers - hundred and hundred of stickers. I am still working on getting off all of the dried on sticker grossness from my childhood bookshelf. I love this stuff.


free day!

So Kasimir and I both had a day off together this last Friday (shocking). We hopped on the train and went over to D.C. for the day. Here are a few of highlights:

We finally found the Andy Goldsworthy that is outside of the National Gallery. I have, sadly, looked for it a couple of times before and never found it. This time around, we just kind of stumbled onto it.

This little bug was trying his hardest to destroy Kasimir with his pinchers in Jackson Park. Needless to say, Kasimir survived.

The most ridiculously beautiful sunset sky.


studio shots!

Here are a couple of studio shots - I am (hopefully) going to be selling my "Power" necklace. I am taking it apart and giving it a good cleaning. Here is a picture of its skeleton:

Here is a shot of my pieces that I have made for my Sphere Earrings. It is so satisfying to see so may things all spread out.

wall art

K and I are on the hunt for stuff to hang on our very bare walls. Here are a few of my favorites from etsy:

Specimen No. 2 by wondercabinet

Central Park March 6th 1890 print by ohmycavalier

you are the one I want most of all print by project8256