Hello 2010!

Hello 2010! I feel like this year is going to be much better than last year.



New stuff...

I have many new things that I have been selling that I just haven't gotten up on my etsy site. The Thanksgiving break has provided me with a nice opportunity to get some stuff photographed and ready to be put up - so these should be coming to my little shop in the next day or two!Japanese Flower Necklace

Shadow Cellular Necklace

Bud Posts

No sleep 'til Pittsburgh!

So, I kind of fell off the face of the earth. Things have been very crazy preparing for the holiday shows. This is a little recap of our first big show Handmade Arcade. We had a lovely time ( minus the snow on the Pennsylvania Turnpike) and got a little vacation out of it to boot.The lovely Pittsburgh skyline.

This is me. I am cold. I was cold for two days. This is before I bought a stocking cap from another vendor.
An AMAZING Elementary school we found while slightly lost. The whole doorway was this very elaborate, beautiful menagerie.


I took a lot of pictures of nice texturey things in Pittsburgh - here are a few of my favorites:

I love the brick side walks that they have, their colors are much more interesting than they are here in Baltimore.

These are funky little stunted ginko leaves.

You know what this is, but I like the way that it looks...

We went to the National Aviary in Pittsburgh. I took many very bad pictures of birds there. Birds just don't hold still. Dammit. I did manage to get this nice feather shot of one of the birds, though.


Yeah! Goin' to New York!

I got into the Bust Holiday Craftular! It is going to be Dec. 8th up in Manhattan! I am going to have to make SOOOO much work for this. It is going to be absolutely amazing and HUGE. Apparently they are having around 300 vendors this year. I'll see you in New York!

AVAM - Finally!

Kasimir and I went to the American Visionary Art Museum FOR THE FIRST TIME last Friday. This is utterly shameful. We've lived in Baltimore for years and never gotten around to going. I admit I expected it to be neat, but that's about it, but the museum totally rocked me. The work that is there is so moving and personal, you are almost peaking into someones soul. I loved it.

The have a special exhibition going on now called All Faiths Beautiful which shows work that explores people ideas, hopes, and relationships with whatever god they worship. Part of this exhibition includes hundreds of postcards from Postsecret. I consider this the most moving part of the exhibition - you are literally reading people's secrets. I'll admit some of them made me cry.